CDA Fast Track, Not For The Faint Hearted

CDA Fast Track, is that a real thing? Absolutely but it is not for the faint hearted.... This program is for practitioners with the willingness and time availability to complete 6 hours of instruction and assignments daily. This is an instructor guided blended class, individuals will need to meet course criteria, complete quizzes and writing assignments, have access to a printer and have average technology skills. 100% Attendance is expected to meet projected goals. Oh did I say you must have some grit about you!

Our commitment to excellence does not change, the instructor is your coach and cheerleader as you earn your 120 Clock Hour Transcript. A traditional grading system of letter grades is not implemented however mastery of course work is measured and expected to meet instructional guidelines. This is an elite program no student will progress through their program based on class attendance alone, students must follow the guidelines of the institute including academic policies. This is conducted in a sequential assignment process, you are only allowed the next assignment once the previous assignment has been completed, manually reviewed and meets the standards set by both our institute and the credential council. Each student will create a portfolio to meet the CDA Criteria and participate in one on one discussions and virtual labs to support test preparation.

More on this course: Earn a total of 120 Clock hours in 30 Days. The schedule is dictated by your completion of each assignment. TIPS for Child Care Institute, Inc. provides an integrated schedule of classes, portfolio support, and test prep online with a live instructor. Each class provides opportunities for learners through exploration, personal discovery, and self-reflection. Every instructor emphasizes the strategies and processes involved in understanding early care and learning course content, and creates a unique experience to prepare our students to live intelligent, thoughtful, and fulfilling lives in a rapidly changing society with preparation of the Child Development Associate (CDA) Credentialing. This is a great option for infant/toddler teachers anywhere in the world seeking to earn early learning credentials. Others that may benefit include Nanny, Newborn Specialist, those seeking to earn credential as a sitter or an Au pair. You must have a steady internet connection, access to a scanner or printer. Package Includes CDA Application Fee. It is recommended you place 15 hours a week aside for out of class labs and research. CDA Application Fee is not Included please visit to learn of application fees. For course registration visit Fast Track CDA on TOCLASS.


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