Loose Part Labs

Loose parts create endless possibilities and invite creativity. For example, if a child picks up a rock and starts to play, most likely that rock can become anything the child wants it to be. Imagination, creativity, curiosity, desire, and need are the motivation of loose parts

Early Education Career Institute is committed to ensuring early care practitioners have access to approaches to teaching to ensure success where ever they are in the world. Many practitioners are charged with the duty of building the cognition of worlds most vulnerable learners. Creating working concepts through exploration of loose parts often provides a versatile teaching strategy integrating all developmental domains and learning experience for the child. When integrated in an environment embedded in respect, consideration and responsiveness all moments becomes a natural fit for learning and teaching.

Reggio Emilia

"The Reggio Emilia Approach is an educational philosophy based on the image of the child, and of human beings, as possessing strong potentials for development and as a subject of rights who learns and grows in the relationships with others." This concept can be incorporated regardless of fancy equipment, store bought replicas of modern appliances and in environments void of modern structure. The bases of relationship is build in strong citizenship with an allowed working theory that is solution based. Thus allowing children the freedom to explore, communicate and replicate the world according to individualized ability with support, consideration for their cognition. "The Reggio Emilia Approach emphasizes hands-on discovery learning that allows the child to use all their senses and all their languages to learn.." (http://www.aneverydaystory.com/beginners-guide-to-reggio-emilia/main-principles/)


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