• Shantel Li

Guide To CDA Credential Readiness - The Personal Commitment

How To Earn a CDA Credential

The first step towards credential readiness is making a personal commitment to complete a task. Credential readiness is a process, there are specific industry criteria that must be met as this is true for any industry. Here are a few TIPS that you can use to mentally prepare for the journey.

  1. Adopt an attitude of can, I once heard the statement "there ain't no try in a can". You can and will achieve your goals. Remember every program is not for everyone, empower yourself and find you a great coach, team or mentor. Put your support system in place for whenever you begin to doubt your ability. It is a rewarding journey and the end result will support you as a professional and the confidence earned from achieving will support your personal character.

  2. Recognize you are deserving of the outcome. Personal expectations as an early care and learning practitioner may be a hard trait. Often times as the practitioner you are in the role of praising others, supporting your learners through their goals and rarely take time to look at yourself as a learner. You are deserving of your support, the praise you receive and of reaching the overall outcome of earning your credential status.

  3. Be a vulnerable learner, ask questions, observe and be willing to learn a new way of completing a task. Everyday policies and regulations are being altered to provide the best care for children and families. One of the commitments as an educator is to be a life long learner. Also you want to stay away from the dreadful educators karma, how you treat your teacher will one day be your reality - think about it!

  4. Allow the process to be your healthy distraction. Everyone seems to fall into the pitfalls of life when they take on a new task. Allow your CDA journey to be a part of your healthy distraction. When you need to take your mind off of what ever life is throwing at you be intentional in distracting yourself with your CDA assignments. Take another self-paced class, take time to organize or decorate your portfolio, tackle the next writing assignment. Dive into the process, there is much to do, use your time wisely. Remember what you focus on will grow.

  5. Most importantly have fun! Do not take life so serious, sweating the small stuff will not get you where you need to be. If you are assigned a demonstration project make the best of it, enjoy it! Take the opportunity to remember why you work with children. What makes you feel great about what you do daily? Is it when make them smile? Or that moment when they make you smile? Challenge yourself when you are planning and implementing your learning experiences. Laugh with your instructor, co-workers and new classmates. Laugh much and often through the process. Believe me it's not unprofessional to laugh, as a matter of fact did you read the fine print when you became a child care professional? Laughing is part of the job!

For more about how to obtain your CDA Credential and enroll in a free CDA Readiness program visit www.tipsforchildcare.com