Home Visitor Credential Readiness Program

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TIPS for Child Care Institute, Inc. provides an integrated course schedule of learning through exploration, personal discovery, and self-reflection for Home Visitors. In every class, our instructors emphasize the strategies and processes involved in understanding the home visitation course content, and creates a unique opportunity to prepare our adult learners to live intelligent, thoughtful, and fulfilling lives in a rapidly changing society. Please see our current course offerings below.

This is a 12 Session Intensive, TIPS JumpStart Support program aids Home Visitors in meeting criteria of their Credential in less time than a traditional CDA Training Program. This is a live instructor lead webinar based program geared towards Home Visitors for Programs with home visitation components to enhance the quality of providing direct services to children and families. Course content supports collaboration readiness, implementation of activities, Developmentally Appropriate Practice, Parent Advocacy, Cultural Competence, Special Education Law, CSEFEL Pyramid Model and NAEYC Overview along with the basic understanding of Head Start history and standards. A great match for Head Start Staff. Practitioners leave with 120 Hours, Portfolio Completion and Assessors Recommendation.


Early Care and Learning Credential Readiness Program™: 

  • Training In The Bag™ and learning aids

  • 120 Formal Education Online Course CEUs

  • TOCLASS™ Essentials Forum

  • Instructional support from our experienced Instructors. All of the Instructors in this program Meet Educational Requirements as approved by the CDA Council

  • Access 24/7 to TOCLASS™, our online campus, plus immediate membership in the Child Development Associate (CDA) academic group with EduForums™ and EduChats™.

  • Your personalized online student homepage and learning portal

  • Course Integrated Portfolio Support

  • Weekly Instructor Enhancement Sessions to support progression

  • Course Integrated Test Prep

  • ability to retain information to meet projected goals

  • written and verbal communication

  • confidence with interaction

  • 3 Submission CheckPoints™

  • 12 Instructional Enriched Virtual Sessions or Hybrid with Live Instructor

  • Child Development Foundation Courses

  • Additional resources such as portfolio consultants, Certified Trainers, Early Interventionist, Life Coaches and more**


- Child Development Practices

- Play To Learn

- Family Involvement Strategies

- Coping & Adjustments

- Behavior Intervention Plans

- Multi-Age Group Play


​- Articulation 

- Expressiveness

- Oral-Motor Strategies

- Resonance/Voice 

- Pronunciation 

- Communication 

Documentation Support​

- Direct observation documentation

- Collaborate with intervention teams​
- Develop techniques to communicate​
- Assist with program modification​
- Provide resources for adult learners

Milestones and Challenges 

- Assessment & Evaluation


- Learning Difficulties

- Cognitive Observations

- School Readiness


- Pervasive Developmental 

- Gross and Fine Motor 

- Developmental 
- Coordination & Balance
- Attention & Concentration
- Learning Problems