TIPS for Child Care Institute, Inc., much of our candidate learning is in our blended learning institute. We offer flipped classroom environments in a cyber school setting. We use live instructional environments that are student centered that includes lecture series, presentation, hands on demonstration and full accountability of program competence. Average courses run 12 weeks with a guided instructional portal, class instructor and coach.  Students are required to meet in a live session once with each module and need to dedicate 10 hours per module for out of class time toward self paced assignments, research and writing assignments.

Affordability Clause: TIPS makes every effort to be an affordable option, we support the usage of free research evidence based programs and resources. As and institute we design a curriculum and aid students in making sense of materials through live guided instruction with TIPS Certified Instructors. We do not pay for unnecessary advertisement, assessment criteria, or programing.  It is important to the institute  to ensure we do not have to pass fees on to our students. Our goal is to support practitioners in completion of the their continued learning goals.

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How does TIPS for Child Care Courses work?

Classes can be  on-site at a regional location or taken from either a mobile device, laptop or desk top PC. We offer mobile friendly technology accessible from many operating systems. Very few people experience challenges with use of program technology. You will need a plan in place to access a printer, internet, scanner and a way to take pictures. Material for course include: 3 inch binder, 100 sheet protectors and notebook. Competence book from Council for Professional Recognition required.

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Can I take my classes from my phone?
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What can I get help with?

TIPS for Child Care Institute, Inc, provides individualized support for students seeking to obtain Home Visitor, Infant Toddler, Pre-School or Military School Age CDA credential. Our instructors provide guided instruction to support the unique need of each student through their individual goals. Students seeking CDA readiness receive help with each component of the CDA process, instructional, portfolio, exam, assessor review and application.  Programing varies based on the unique need of each individual to ensure competence and qualification.

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What is the academic policy?

A class slot must be purchased for each student. All students are expected to act with civility, personal integrity, respect other students’ dignity, rights and property; and help create and maintain an environment in which all can succeed through the fruits of their own efforts. An environment of academic integrity is requisite to respect for self and others and a civil community.

Academic integrity includes a commitment to not engage in or tolerate acts of falsification, misrepresentation or deception.  Such acts of dishonesty include cheating or copying, plagiarizing, submitting another persons’ work as one’s own, using Internet sources without citation, taking or having another student take your exam, tampering with the work of another student, facilitating other students’ acts of academic dishonesty, etc.
Sanctions for breaches in academic integrity may range, depending on the severity of the offense from an “F” grade on an assignment or test to an “F” in the course.  Severe cases and/or repeat offenses of academic dishonesty may also result in more severe disciplinary sanct

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How do I get a CDA Credential?

Each candidate must meet CDA eligibility, complete 120 Clock Hours aligned with CDA Subject Area, portfolio, exam  or assessors review and PDS visit. TIPS for Child Care Institute CDA readiness requires candidates to complete course assignment certifications, research, written and field demonstration project. These components are completed individually to maintain program integrity and ensure individual readiness. 

I am a Head Start Coach or Curriculum Specialist may I attend class to help my staff?
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TIPS for Child Care Institute, Inc., is an educational entity, our program is student centered and designed to support student success. We offer live instructors and program coaching, at this time we do not have a system to support program audit, each person using the program must be enrolled and fully participating in the course. If you will be in the environment supporting your students, you will need to certify as a TIPS Certified Coach to ensure program outcomes are not altered. The Agency coaches are  prohibited in instructor and TIPS Coach  engagement . Concerns must be addressed in writing to enrollment@tipsforchildcare.com. (updated 7/3/2017)

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